Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Wedding

Apparently there was a big wedding that happened this week.

Did anyone hear about it? :)


While I did not get up to watch the wedding, I did turn it on in time to see the "Royal Kiss" and of course, I saw all the highlights.  Honestly, I really just turned it on to see the dress.

While I get the appeal of the whole thing,the pomp and circumstance, the modern day fairytale, the mystery of royalty and that that jazz, my life is quite wrapped up in two other little people. So, I chased babies out of bathrooms instead of googling Kate Middleton.

I did have a few random thoughts about the whole thing.

1. I bet Kate will not have to scrub her dinner pans now that she is a princess. (I confess that these thoughts took place while I scrubbed my own pans...begrudgingly)

2. Her dress was lovely. I do not know what I was expecting, but that was not it. The more I see it, the more I like it. It is a dress that will hold the test of time. Queen Elizabeth's dress?  Perfection. Diana's dress? Horrific. Kate did good.

3. I kinda want to go to an event where I can wear a magnificent hat. Just once.

4. When did Harry get to be so dashing and good looking? William was quite the catch when I was in high school. I always felt sorry for poor, red-haired Harry. Now? Harry is the hot one.

 photo:usa today

5. Apparently Diana's father had a recessive hairline.

6. David Beckham cleaned up nicely.

7. Those Middleton girls have killer figures. Pippa? Stunning.

6. Even though I am happily married with was still nice to watch and dream about being a princess.

...and now back to those dishes...

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Mrs. B. said...

We had such a fun little break in the middle of the day to watch the (DVR'd) Royal Wedding. Evie is obsessed.
We adored the dress.
Pippa is hot hot hot.
Harry's been The Hot One for quite a few years, actually. William fell out of that spot around the time we were 22 or so... (although he was the object of my fantasies all through high school.)
Such a real-life fairy tale.