Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Double Digits

We have hit the double digits.

Colin is 10 months old.

2 short months till a year. ONE. A year old. sob.

I don't really want to think about it, except that I am a couple weeks late on posting his 10 months pictures and that means that July 27th will be here in less than two months. I still don't want to think about that. I will think about it tomorrow.

Instead, let's look at some cute pictures of my  little adventurer. Taking his picture is also quite the adventure.

Colin is quick these days. He can turn around in an instant.

He loves to watch his brother, which is the only reason why he is sitting still.

Colin decided to be all big and stand up on his own in the grass. He has been doing this more and more often.
Today, he stood up...while waving a long stick.

All boy, this one. My little bruiser, who gets into everything. All the time.
Favorite toys include: cords, electrical outlet covers, pots and pans, the toilet, cat treats, anything that he can use to push across the floor, any toy that his brother is playing with at that very moment, balls, any toy bigger than him that he can crawl on or pull down, any toy that he can lift over his head and bash on the floor. And let's not forget any paper product that he can chew on.

Sweet little smiles save him. He is always so proud of all of his eating the stick.

FIFA 2030?

Colin is either really happy or really mad and rarely anything in between.
The beginning of a tantrum...

Mid tantrum.

Post trantrum...after he got his way and his brother brought back the elephant. And I held him and kissed him for a bit.

He has attempted a few steps, climbed up our slide, said dadda and much,much more this month.
I am trying to savor these moments, these ups and downs, frowns and smiles.
They are going too fast for my liking.

My sweet little Colin, let's stay 10 months for a bit longer. O.k?

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