Thursday, July 12, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

 We were at a Naval Museum...if that helps make it less awkward.


~Bathroom etiquette. Walking into bathroom, saying hello to co-worker, going into stall. Co-worker than deciding to keep talking to you...
~ Detoxing
~ Curling my hair and getting all ready for the day. 45 minutes out in the humidity, I look like a drowned rat...but it is not raining.
~ "Peanut Butter Jelly Time"
~ Hearing giant bees and dragonfly hit my windows...for hours.
~ The speed of the flies in my house. I fail every time.
~ Husband playing a few hours of MY puma socks... and the blisters to prove it.


~ Detoxing.
~ Baby showers with elephants and pink polka dots.
~Colin playing with plastic animals and calling them "Doo Dies", aka Good Guys. All of his toys are "Doo Dies".
~ Dancing and singing party in the living room. 19 minutes past bedtime worth of it.
~  Kiddie pools filled with boys and toys in the summer.
~ Dinner out with the ladies...and no kids...
~ Being able to exercise again after my six week recovery.
~ Napping children.

Puppy. To Colin, there is nothing that is more awesome than his Puppy.

Happy Thursday, folks!
*Awkward and Awesome was originally done by The Daybook.

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