Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Favorites: Reading

My boys love books. I love books. My husband loves books.

I am so happy that my boys like to read books and have books read to them.

Countless times I have heard Jack reading books to himself (well, not actually "reading" but repeating memorized pages), Colin paging through his chunky cardboard books. I walked into Jack's room to find these two little dudes reading in bed and took this picture.

The tastes of books in our house varies greatly.

Jack prefers Super Hero type books or funny story books.

Colin prefers any type of animal books.

Ryan prefers non fiction.

I prefer fiction.

Here is just a few of our most loved and read books.

 I have this ENTIRE book memorized from reading it so much. All 64 pages. SO much Go Dog Go for my boys.

Another Favorite. I really like this one. Not a lot of words, but plenty of action.

I loved Frog and Toad as a kid. We just got some of these books for Jack for his birthday and he really likes them.

 We have a lot of Sandra Boynton books at our house. They are bright, colorful and cardboard, so they work well for my over-active boys. Blue Hat, Green Hat is probably their favorite Boynton. They laugh SO much with this book.

Probably the most loved book we own. I randomly picked this up at Old Navy of all places, and both Jack and Colin have memorized it before they were 18 months old. It has the perfect cadence and makes the best train noises. Perfect for little boys. I have heard both boys repeating the book to themselves while playing with their toy trains.

Of course there are TONS more books that are read and re-read.  Too many to name and count. These are just some of the top ones for my little guys.

Happy reading and happy weekend!

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Kristina Clemens said...

How awesome that they love to read! I'm always pouring over the kiddy section at the store, cuz I havta make sure the books are cool, since I'm the one that will be reading it to the kids over and over again! =)
Kristina J.