Friday, July 20, 2012

Things that happen when it is 102 outside...for weeks...

Like much of the country, we have been living in a high 90s, 100+ heat index summer. For weeks. When it is over a hundred with high humidity, it is too hot to do anything besides stay inside or pour continuous cold water over you outside. Anything else is just miserable. So, this summer the boys have been doing lots of thing to occupy themselves inside.

Things like playing music with Daddy. Harmonica, bongo drums and guitars are passed around and much music is made.

The activity of writing on the windows with window markers quickly turned tribal... and decorating our faces. Bath time quickly ensued.

Boys and their stuff animals watch WAY to much television.

Finger painting turns into color exploration. Purple, green, blue and red turn into a real nice brown, in case you are wondering.

Naughty boys sneak onto the counter and get into the Nutella jar. Naturally, it happened right after I put him in his first outfit of the day.

On the one glorious day that it was in the high 80s, we booked it outside and hit up the zoo. It made everyone much happier.

And that is how we have been occupying our time.

I am SO ready for some cooler weather.

And for the weekend!

Happy Friday, friends!

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Sayaka said...

It looks like Jack and Colin are keeping you on your toes this summer!! They are too cute for words. I love that your letting them explore with paint :) Do you have A/C? It's been very hot in the bay area too. We don't have A/C so it's impossible to stay home....I hope it get's cooler soon!!