Friday, July 27, 2012


My baby is two today. TWO. 2.

It seems impossible that the little man I brought home not so long ago has grown and changed so much, in just two short years.

He is my happy baby. My crazy baby. My naughty, mischievous baby. 

 Colin goes full force all the time. He is commits 100%. He laughs at 100%. He screams at 100%. He runs and wrestles and jumps at 100%. There is never a time when I do not know what he is feeling.

Colin loves his big brother. He does everything that he does. Everything. Colin is Jack's little parrot, repeating and doing everything that he does.

Colin REALLY loves his puppy. Puppy does not leave his side most of the day. He goes to the mall with us. He sits at the table for dinner. He goes on car rides with us. He goes to the zoo with us. Puppy has to get changed when Colin does, get his hair combed, eat his food. Puppy also gets more snuggles and kisses than anyone else in the family.

Colin's newest little thing is to tease us and tell "jokes". They are quite amusing. He has a wicked sense of humor already. He will tell you that he turns 5 today...and laugh. He has been telling everyone that he turned 5. I have no idea why, but he thinks it is SO funny. And when his little voice says, " Nooooo, I five!", it is kinda funny.

I am looking forward to seeing the changes in Colin over the next year. He keeps me moving and active, but he also keeps me laughing.

Happy Birthday, my sweet Colin! We love you SO much. You bring so much joy and laughter into our lives. Thank you for that! We look forward to watching you grow big and strong!

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