Monday, September 19, 2011

30 day photo challenge Day 21-25

Day 21~ Pretty Pattern
This pillow helped us develop our color scheme in our living room. I love the mix of colors. 

Day 22~ Trees
The mimosa in our backyard is starting to lose it's pods.

Day 23~ Sunset

I wanted to head down to the ocean front for some sunset pictures, but rain this weekend thwarted those plans. This was also taken from our backyard.

Day 24~ A smile

Nothing is sweeter than a little guy happy to be in his swing, watching his brother and daddy.

Day 25~ Sunflare

Most nights, after their dad comes home from work, the boys head out to the backyard to swing for a bit. The sun creeps down behind them, as the day is ending.

Only one more installment of the 30 day photo challenge is left. What do you think? Have you been enjoying it? Has it made you want to take more pictures?


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I love the pillow - it is great to have some fun accent colors to work with!

Too bad when we were buying furniture for our living room, BF and I choose two blue and white pattern couches - which are great, except it is hard as heck to get things that go with that, like a rug!

modernmom said...

You are doing awesome, and your Mimosa tree is HUGE! I bought one from Monticello a few years ago, but never got it to bud. They are my favorite tree.
I love your photo selections. They tell me more about you, which is awesome.