Friday, September 9, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge ~ Day 16-20

Day 16~ What I Ate

 It was taco salad tonight. Ground turkey with this seasoning, greek yogurt, ff ranch with some hot sauce and shredded cheese. Yum. I turn 30 in a little under 6 weeks and am trying to loose the last 7-8 pounds and hit my goal weight. So, lots of salads in my future!

Day 17~ On the Shelf

I am not sure where I got these books. I have had them since high school. They were either some relatives, my mom's or from a yard sale. I can't remember, but I love them. I got the creamer dish from Anthropologie and that photo was taken of Jack a few days before his 2nd birthday. It is one of my very favorites!

Day 18~ In My Bag
 This is a new bag from H&M in Minneapolis. I loved the steel blue color of it and the size and shape were perfect. I rarely buy bags, as I carry my wallet and phone in a diaper bag 80% of the time, but I just loved this new fall bag. Inside my bag is always a mess. The basics are pictured;
wallet, coin purse, work i.d badge, comb, pen, gum and cheap make-up that I don't care if it gets lost. My husband hates lipstick, so I pretty much only wear it at work. I just throw it in my purse and put it on at work, if I think about it. 
I also usually always have some sort of coupons floating around in there and extra paper, which I choose not to photograph because it was ugly. I did have my ebates check in there, which is awesome. If you do not use ebates, you should. Read about it here. I use it for groupon and ALL the time.

Day 19~ Where I Sleep
This is what my bed looks like most mornings. Stowaway with a stuffed animal. Jack sneaks into our bed almost every night. We wake up to him wedged in the middle. He is a sneaky little man. If I feel him come into bed, he goes back to his room. He knows this. Somehow, he can always figure a way into the middle of the bed without waking up his dad or myself. Sneaky.

 Day 20~ What I Read

I really like to read. I love a good novel. I really do. So much so, that when I start a book, I can't stop reading it till it is finished. So, I would be reading all the time and not taking proper care of my home or family. So for now, I choose to just read magazines consistently. I still read books here and there, but I mainly read blogs and magazines, not including the countless kids books I read to the boys. Some day soon, when my boys are older, I am going to start reading more books. Some day soon.

So, that was this round of the 30 day challenge. I liked this group the least. Kinda boring, in my opinion! Hopefully the next round will be up earlier, and our computer is working properly!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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