Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Favorites: Family Outings

On Labor Day, we ventured out to the Children's Museum of Virginia in Portsmouth for a day of family fun. The museum was filled with everything a little boy could want. Trains, fire engines, motorcycles, cars, buses, banks, name, it was there to be touched and explored.

Little boys loved to drive and touch big engines and play on police motorcycles.

Giant chairs waited in the entry way with a little library next door if you wanted to get a book to read.

Jack's favorite part was fishing with his dad. They would catch the fish via magnets, and than have to identify the fish and place it in a box. Once they found the right section and dropped it in, the fish would shoot out the front of the boat to be "caught" again.

Giant bubbles and electricity were discovered.

The adults seemed to love this push pin type display. That is Ryan. You can see everything. His phone in his pocket, the outline of his tank that was under his button-down shirt, his bicep outline. Kinda creepy. Pretty much every adult male was playing with this thing. Lots of "butt" imprints were made...

 They had a great little kid play area with lots of soft flooring and padded toys. My little turtle loved it.

Getting chased by daddy is always a favorite for this little man.

All in all, it was a great experience. I think the older the boys get, the more they will enjoy all of the aspects that the museum offers. The planetarium will be opening soon and we want to take Jack back to see it. If you are in the area and have young kids, I would recommend a trip the the Children's Museum.

Family outings are my favorite.


modernmom said...

We have been there and loved it too. I think it is fun for adults AND kids. (The boys are too stinkin' cute!)

Sayaka said...

You family is adorable!! That looks like a fun museum. Especially I like that fishing pond!