Thursday, September 8, 2011

Awesome and Awkward Thursday

My week is all messed up with the holiday. Is it Monday? Is it Friday? Luckily, I made it to work on the right day, but things have been a bit off this week. Thankfully, Friday is just around the corner and I will have all weekend to get back on track!

This week seemed like a good week to do an A&A post. Every week is awesome and awkward, but I just forget to write it all down.
Today, I remembered...most of it.


~How sore I am from doing these 10 minute rapid results pilates on Netflix. I did three of them and I am S.O.R.E.

~ "Hey Mom, look. I am licking my toes!" while he licks his toes IN his sandals. I may have had a minor freak out while driving them to the sitters today.

~ The heat and humidity here. I did my hair and it looked all sleek and wavy.  By the time I walked into work and it went all Julia Roberts ala Pretty Woman  on me.

~ Talking to Husband on the phone when his big boss is in town. It is kinda like talking to a robot, all cold and mechanical. I should have said something really racy to him to get him all flustered...maybe next time, maybe next time...

~ Having an epic battle with a monster spider in my garage. It was so gross and huge. Multiple shoes were thrown. I won. Barely. There are so many blasted spiders where we live.

~ Forgetting that I parked in the other parking lot after I had to casually walk around the whole building while everyone filters off to the cars. My phone got real interesting for that walk, real interesting.

~ Husband eating a not quite ripe peach...

~ Our computer is not working...again. So no pictures, no 30 day photo challenge, nada...


~ Taking the bull by the horns today at work and finally getting my way in the studio. It only took 4 months, but they did what I said and I even got an apology. It felt good.

~ "Hey Mom, when I get older and my hands get bigger, I am going to hold the fireman hose and spray water on people's houses that are on fire and they are going to like that. Maybe if I ask nicely, the fireman will say " Sure, you can help us hold the hose and spray the house" cause I am going to be bigger and ask them. Ok, Mom?" Cutest wanna-be fireman boy ever.

~ The fact that my Husband will proof my post before I publish it and read the above boss/racy comment statement and say, " Not funny, babe. Not funny" all the while shaking his head. And the fact that I think it IS funny, and I know he will respond this way is also awesome.

~   "Hey Daddy, have a good day! Love you! Be a really big helper at work today!"

~ Sushi coma.

~ The fact that Ryan went to lay Jack down for bed and has yet to emerge. Jack is quietly playing...daddy is passed out on his floor.

~ Jack uses the phrase, "Well bust my buffers" when he gets frustrated. It is so hilarious. He obviously is watching too much Thomas the Train...

Tell me about something awesome or something awkward that happened to you this week!

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modernmom said...

I don't care what Ryan thinks. That is pretty funny right there. Go for the racy next time. Totally.

Sayaka said...

Oh my gosh, your boy is hilarious!! I thought I was used to all the yucky things little boys do, but licking toes while wearing shoes is a first (lol)