Thursday, September 29, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Thursdays are a good day. It is just before the weekend, so there is some anticipation about that. There is great television. The Office and Project Runway, anyone? You have successfully made it through most of your week. And it is also awkward and awesome Thursday. What more can you really expect from a day?

~ Jack telling my Mom on the phone that he just had "the fastest poop in my ENTIRE life."
~ snot marks on my clothing.
~ Scrapping off dried, melted plastic off of the back of the dryer vent. Advice: don't dry a cheap plastic tablecloth from Wal-Mart. Apparently, they will melt off and stick to the back of your dryer and force you to half crawl into your dryer to scrap it off with your nails.
~ Smelling like Desitin Maximum Strength.
~ Having to wear a bright gold/yellow shirt volunteer shirt for my company's massive 50th anniversary celebration day. It is just the perfect shade of yellow that turns my skin green, thanks to my olive skin tone. Super hot. Everyone wants to look like a martian, right?
~ Colin figuring out how to kick me in the face while nursing...and now it is time to start weaning...

~ Colin's baby mullet. There is quite the party going on back there.
~ " Mommy, can we just listen to some Adele right now?" Jack is awesome.
~ Getting my first pumpkin spice latte of the season while on a little coffee date with some good girlfriends.
~ Planning a trip to D.C/Georgetown to celebrate our 5 year anniversary.
~ Taking that trip SANS kids!
~ Making an awesome lemon bar type cake that is only 2 WW points.
~ Colin imitates sounds that he hears while we are out in public. Car horn beep? He makes the same beep sound. Door bell ring? He makes the same sound. It is actually usually the exact same tone. It is actually pretty funny.

Tell me something awesome or awkward about your week!

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modernmom said...

Awkward. Having three fillings at the dentist, then your husband asking you out for lunch. (Fat lip over here!)
Awesome. Heading to Dallas tomorrow for some major Anthro time. :)
(Love the "time to wean"- SO been there...)