Thursday, September 15, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Quotes

We are hosting life groups at OUR house tonight, so I have lots of cleaning and getting ready to do, so this will be a short one. The fact that I have so much cleaning to do is awkward in and of itself. And the fact that I know there are grammatical issues that are going to happen with quoting is also awkward...but we will venture forth regardless.


" I am not sure if it is because I have been eating breakfast, but I lost 4 lbs." ~ Husband. Seriously?! Men and their amazing weight loss ability. Makes me sick.

Jack: "What are you eating?" Me:"Gum."  Jack:"Mom! You know we are not allowed to eat guns!"

At 6:40 a.m, while laying in my bed supposed to go back to sleep. "Hey Mom, can we talk about fire alarms right now?"  No. Early mornings is not a good time to talk about fire alarms (which he is obsessed with) Thanks a lot, Fireman Sam.

Changing Colin and he pats his little chest and yells "Inky! Inky!" Yes, he is very stinky.

"Hey Mom, can you put your hair out the window and can I swing on it?" Someone recently watched Tangled.


While in the car, driving home from work. "Mom, I missed you. I want to give you a million kisses but I can't cause you are just too far away"

While giving me those million kisses,  he likes to grab my face and kiss my nose while saying, "Give me that little face!"

My brother and sister are flying in from MI to visit us in a few weeks. I told Jack they were coming. Later on in the day Jack said, "Mommy, I am just going to look out the window and wait for Aunt Abbey and Uncle Joel to come, alright?"

Colin yelling "Daddy!" And I do mean yelling. It sounds more like daddddeeeeeeeeeeeee. And it is really loud. And it is really cute.

"Mom, I want to go on vacation. How about this afternoon we go to the hairport. That is a good idea." I asked him where he wanted to go. "I am going to just fly over and see Grandma Waura."  If only it was that simple buddy, if only it were that simple.

Have a great Thursday. Keep it awkward. Keep it awesome.

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modernmom said...

Love the toddler talk. You forget how quickly that passes. My youngest is 6 now. Ugh.