Thursday, September 1, 2011

~Fall Wishlist~

It is September 1st!

For most parts of the country that means fall is around the corner...for us, it means that temperatures may drop in the 80's. Either way, I am excited. Fall is, by far, my favorite season. I love everything about it.

Since most of the retailers have been pretending it was fall for the last month or so, my thought have drifted away from flip flops and shorts, to boots and chunky sweaters. With the changing of the seasons, I thought I would compile my Fall Wishlist. Some of these items are wants, some are needs and some are just both!  Let's get started.

Dark Rinse Trouser Jeans
I loved a good dark trouser jean. I had a great pair that I wore all last year, but since losing some weight, they no longer fit. So, the hunt is on. These jeans are way out of my price range, but definitely my inspiration.

Soft Silky Blouse

I have been loving soft, flowy blouses lately. They hid a world of wrongs, yet still look pulled together and polished. I love the neutral color of this top and it fits beautifully. I think it will be very versatile. Definitely sale stalking this one.

 Colored Pants

I like this color pant trend. While I like the idea of bright red, cobalt blue and gold, I don't want to invest in a quick trend. Forever 21 will work for those type items. However, I love the deep wine color of these pants. The cut will work with heels, flats and boots. Daughters of the Liberation pants fit me better than any other pants I have owned. I have always gotten them on super sale, so I am anxiously awaiting a sale on these guys.

 Mustard Shoes/ Heeled Loafers

I have wanted a pair of yellow/mustard shoes forever. Really. For. Ever. I love yellow, but I can not wear it anywhere close to my face. Because of my skin tone, it makes my skin look green. Not cute.
However, shoes, shoes I can do. And I love these. LOVE. love. love.
My birthday is also in October. (hint.hint. hubby) 

Red Pumps

Red heels are like a basic. Everyone needs a pair. I need a pair. My shoe collection has died a bit after the birth of my second son. Half of my shoes do not fit and I am in dire need of some basic, classic pumps. I love the whole look of these guys. They come in lots of colors. 

Comfy Flats

 I really need some comfortable shoes for fall. While I love some heels, I am a mom of two small, active boys. I need something that will move! My flats include flip flops and knee high boots. Nothing in between. I love everything about TOMS and I love these guys. I hear they are very comfortable. These could just be the perfect fall flat.

Freaking Awesome Shoes

I may not have a great NEED for these beauties. But come on. Look at them. Pretty much perfect. The color, the design, everything. Love. There is not a whole lot more to say about that. Just look. Sigh. So freaking awesome.

I am also on the lookout for a chocolate brown cardigan. I have been on the lookout for YEARS. I mean, really, how hard is it to find a simple, basic, chocolate brown cardigan? Apparently, it is really hard. I have looked for just a basic cardigan for over a year now. Dumb. Someone please tell me where to buy one. Target does not carry one. Old Navy, Banana Republics, Nordstoms BP, H&M...the list goes one. I could not even find a decent internet picture of one. Ridiculous. 
So, the hunt continues.

So, that's my list.
What is on your fall wish list?
Anything good?
Let me know!


Sayaka said...

I agree that sometimes the most difficult things to find can be basic items! I hope you can find the brown cardigan this year!! Let me know if you like the Toms too. I tried on a pair this summer and I was in between sizes:(

Kurt said...

maybe you can get abbey to wear heels?