Wednesday, August 31, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge ~ Day 11-14

 Day 11~ Something fun!

Beyond the fact that this little dude is loads of fun in and of himself, this picture was taken after he figured out how to get into his old bumbo. Big brother found it in our garage and brought it out. Colin worked and worked till he figured out how to get in it and turn around. He was quite pleased with himself. And he had lots of fun doing it!

Day 12 ~ Close Up

I love baby hands. Little fingers with little rolls, still chubby and nubby. This is actually my 3 yr old's hand while he played with his tow truck. He is tall and thin and big these days, but in this picture, he still has some little baby chub on those little fingers.

Day 13 ~ Far Away

There is something so innocent about little ones running as fast as their little legs can go, trying to get to the playground.

Day 14 ~ Flowers

This was my last lone flower on our little tree/bush thing in our front yard. I am really terrible at landscaping.  Anyone know of any good sites that can give me some ideas of what to do and how to landscape a yard? I would love to do something...but I have no idea where to start...

Day 14 ~ My Shoes

I was going to take a picture of my shoes that I wore today. Than I actually looked down and realized I am in desperate need of a pedicure and no one would want to look at my shoes, no matter how cute they may be.
So, here are a few of my favorites. My feet have changed since my babies and I have a sparse few pairs that fit comfortably. I would say that it is awesome to get a whole new shoe collection, but it is not. I liked my shoes and I am having a ridiculously hard time finding shoes that fit well.
So, I wear the same few pairs over and over.
Good thing I like those few pairs.
Where do you shop for shoes? Do you go for quality over quantity? Is is really better to spend more money on good shoes?


Sayaka said...

Your son is SO adorable!! I also love your shoe collection. Especially the one in the middle with a bow! I try not to spend too much on shoes but I do consider splurging if I'll be walking/standing in them for a long time. Yikes, I read your post and looked at my toes...ewww...I totally need a mani too :-)

modernmom said...

I love all your challenge pictures! Great interpretation.
And I LOVE good quality shoes. Those bow ones are SO cute.

Alicia Marie said...

Thanks ladies! The shoes in the middle with the bow are Miss Albright's Anticipation Heels from Anthro. They are so comfy, but a bit big now...need to get some inserts for them! Now i just need to convince my husband to PAY for the nicer shoes! :)