Thursday, August 25, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: The One with All the Natural Disasters

Well, it is Thursday. We are bracing for Hurricane Irene and watching that darn cone of uncertainty to see just what way she will swing. Praying she swings back out to sea and not closer to land.  Virginia has been a bubbling cauldron for natural disasters these days.

So lets get onto less important matters. Awkward and Awesome Thursday.


~ People as far away as NYC and Maine felt the earthquake. I felt nothing. Bummer.

~I think my perfume expired. I smell more musty shoes than floral fresh. Gross. I ran out of my favorite perfume and pulled out an old perfume. Bad idea.

~ Following a sketchy moving type truck that had the back door open displaying some huge mattresses bungee corded to the wall. Once I came to a stop behind the truck, I also noticed a guy. Just sitting there. On the back of a moving truck, with the back door rolled completely to the top. Just sitting next to the gross mattresses.

~ All of the water, batteries, flashlights and radios were out of stock at Target. Guess I am not the only one who has not stocked their emergency hurricane kit...

~ My mom ordered a radio flyer wagon for the boys for their birthdays. We had to pick it up at the local Wal-Mart, since she ordered it online. I waited a week, so Ryan could be there to help me with it. My mom forwarded me an email from Wal-Mart reminding me that we need to pick it up. I responded to my Mom, told her that I was waiting for Ryan and that we did, in fact, pick it up already. BUT, I emailed Wal-Mart, not my mom. AND Wal-Mart emailed me back, thanking me for picking up the wagon. Awkward.

~Thinking my glasses were dirty because it was so muggy and foggy outside. Clean my glasses, still blurry and hazy out. Open the door. Smoke. The haze is smoke from the swamp fires in NC and now my house smells like a campfire.


~ Jack packing his little backpack full to overflowing cause we are going on a "cation". Makes me want to plan a vacation because his stuffed backpack is so dang cute. Although, with this hurricane a coming, we may have that little vacation...

~ Bright coral capri pants that I got from ASOS...for $9! They are pretty much florescent and pretty much amazing.

~Going to see The Help with my girlfriends. It was good!

~ Find a great painting for our bedroom...thus inspiring the whole decorating theme of our boring but soon to be awesome bedroom.

~ Hopefully the rain from the hurricane will put out the fires. I mean, something good may come from all this natural disaster mayhem that is rolling around these part.

~ Husband stayed home from work today. He is not feeling the best (not so awesome) but, it is so nice to have him around.

~ Jack asked me what time it was. I told him it was 5:30. He said no, it was time to kiss Mommy. Best answer ever.

The most awesome?

This photo that circulated around my office. I am extremely thankful that this was the extent of any damages around here!

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