Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Warby Parker: A Review

Have you heard of Warby Parker?

I first heard of them from a fashion blog. You know the type, slender, stylish girls sporting hipster frames shot in cool locations.

I am none of those.

But I was interested in the company when I heard they do a one for one, similar to TOMS shoes. And they have free home trials. And they are pretty inexpensive. Maybe I COULD be one of those fashionable bloggers!

So I looked into.

I liked what I saw. 

All prescription frames are $95. They ship for free. They return for free. They do this awesome home try-on for free. They give sight to those in need. I was sold.

So I wondered over to the website, browsed their selections and picked out 5 pairs of glasses to try on at home. I did have to use a credit card to place my order, but it was not charged. They quickly sent out my beautiful box of glasses. I have 5 days to try them on, move around in them, ask my kids and husband what they thought, take pictures, etc. After 5 days, I smacked the return label back on the package and dropped it off at the UPS store. No charges.

* Warning: There is a whole lot of my face in this post.*
Sorry for the cellphone pictures. My wonderful hubby took outdoor pictures for me...but the computer was not working, so cellphone it is.

Up first is the Beckett Striped Evergreem. I call these the "Fashion Blogger" glasses. Kinda fun. Not really that practical for my life though.

These are the Nedwin Amber. I like to call these my "reader" glasses. It is hard to tell in this picture, but they were too small and cut some of eye. They reminded me of my mom's reading glasses.

These are the Sibley Amber. They were the lightest color that I tried on. I liked them. 

These are the Zagg  I like to think of these as semi-hipster glasses. But the question I really cool enough to wear these in real life? Hmm.

These are the Reece Sandalwood. They fit the best and were the most versatile. They were very similar to my old glasses, which I love but the prescription is like 10 yrs old and they give me a headache.

* I mislabeled the glasses and corrected the names on 8/9*

SO. Those are my 5 free home try on glasses from Warby Parker. What do you think? Would you give them a try?

I do plan on ordering a pair or maybe two. I need to go get a recent eye exam, than I will order them. What one(s) should I get? Decisions. Decisions.


Andrea said...

I really like the first pair!! How awesome you got to try them all for FREE!

modernmom said...

I love the Beckett Stripe, and you are TOTALLY cool enough. :)

SophiaQuincy said...

The Beckett Stripe for sure, you're totally cool enough! My 2nd favorite are the first ones, you have the perfect face for these style glasses and the sass it takes to wear them!

Freedom River Ministries said...

I like the Sibley Amber the best....but what is wrong with your mom's reading glasses?!?