Monday, August 22, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge ~ Day 6-10

Day 6~ Childhood Memory

This one was a little harder than I thought. I could not thing of anything that would be fun to photograph. When Jack was getting his haircut in our friend's back room, I thought of my great grandpa. He was a barber by trade. When we were little, my brother, sister and I would go into his back room, with his old-school barber chair and get a hair cut. We would also get some sort of candy or sucker afterwards, just like Jack did.

Day 7 ~ Something New

 Blazing Rays dress~ Anthropologie
Teana heels~ Target
Nordstom Rack necklace and BR bracelet

This dress was one of my favorite finds from my shopping trip while in MN. I was in the Anthropologie in Maple Grove, and I found a this little dress shoved in the back of sale room. I have not seen anything like this and to my surprise, it was my size and $19.90! It originally was $158, and someone had returned it the day before. The sales associate was surprised it even lasted till the next afternoon.  It is a tad bit big, but nothing that I was willing to pass up!  In fact, I like this dress so much that I wore it to work and to church! Add a little jean jacket and it is is church and office appropriate. I love a good deal!

Day 8~ Technology

At first I was thinking about my mac laptop, or my camera or my android cell phone for the technology photo. Than I watched my little 3 yr old turn on the television (with permission...this time), turn on the wii, sit down and navigate to the netflix and than select a Thomas the Train episode. All by himself. That is a very technical 3 year old, if you ask me! He also dressed himself...but was not as successful with that :)

Day 9~ Faceless Self Portrait

I wanted to do something dramatic and artsy...but I didn't. Because most of my time is spent wrestling these little men. This picture was taken on Sunday, when both Jack and Colin decided to cover me with their stuffed animals and random blankets. I was in an animal tent, obviously.

Day 10 ~ What I Made

These guys are my proudest accomplishments. I made these guys and they are wonderful and amazing and beautiful. I could have photographed a meal I made, or a piece of furniture that I redid, but really, that is not important. I carried these guys for 9 months, I fed these guys from my own body, I held and cradled and rocked these guys into a sleepy delirium. While I was not alone in the making of these sweet babies, I will claim them as my own.


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Oh what a great Anthro score! And adorable pictures of your kids!

Sayaka said...

I love that red dress your wearing on day 7! It looks pretty on you, and only $19?!! What a steal!! By the way your boys are darling!!