Monday, August 15, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge~ Day 1-5

Day 1~ Self-Portrait

Day 2~ What I Wore

Shirt {Anthropologie}
Jeans {Gap}
Necklace {Anthropologie}
Uber ancient belt and shoes.

This is what I wore to work in the 3 year old classroom at church this Sunday. Not really that exciting, but movable and, most importantly, washable! 

Day 3~ Clouds

Day 4~ Favorite Color

I love all shades of green, so I figured I would take a shot of some of the foliage in our backyard. I can't remember the name of this tree, but it flowers and has these pods and makes a nice, huge mess.

Day 5 ~ Things I Love

Clean, happy babies. I love them. Plus I love Hubbies who bath babies.


modernmom said...

I love your pics! So great. That tree is a Mimosa, and that is my favorite tree. I am doing my favorite color tomorrow.
Did you get that necklace in MN?
(Your eyes are beautiful.)

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

These are fantastic pics! And why did I not realize you had long hair? It's so pretty!