Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hey Mom...

Two words I hear from my 3 yr old all day long. Hey Mom! I am never quite sure what will come after those two little words, but I know that it will be interesting.

(While at a play area at Chick Fil A)
"Hey mom...I am running and scaring kids because I am a dinosaur. See. Watch." (Runs into play area and 'rawrs' around. No one is scared.)

"Hey Mom... When I am 15 and big, than I am going to carry Daddy around on my shoulders. My shoulders are small now, but when I am big, they will grow and I will carry Daddy."

"Hey Mom... I think I need to buy some race cars now" Mom: "You don't have any money left, buddy. You used your money to buy trains, remember?" Jack: "Oh. Hey Mom, do you have any money?" Mom: "A little." Jack: "Maybe YOU can buy me some race cars with your money? That's a good idea."

"Hey Mom. I miss you"  Melt. He says this in place of I Love You most of the time. I don't think he really grasps what missing is, but he gets the feeling and will tell me that even when he has been with me all day.

"Hey Mom. When I am big, like when I am 6, I am going to watch all the Spider-Mans there is. So, tomorrow." Apparently he found some old Spider-Man episodes on our netflix, and his daddy would not let him watch them till we watched them first. He told Jack that he could watch them when he was older.  Six is obviously old. And we also need to work on his perception of time.

"Hey Mom. I have a good idea..." Those are always interesting ideas. Usually they involve going to his friend's house, turning into animals or going to a park. Most of the time those good ideas aren't such good ideas.

Other cute things he said this week that did not start with the words hey Mom.

" Holy Coaley! Holy Moley!"

" Whoa, Colin. Ease up!" Colin was sitting on his head jumping up and down

Life with a 3 yr old is never, ever boring.

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