Thursday, August 4, 2011

Awesome and Awkward Thursday

It Thursday. I have a big day today. I am going on an airplane today. Alone. For 4 nights. Alone.

I am off to a wedding in Minnesota and the boys are staying behind.

I have not been away from Colin overnight. It has been over a year since I have been away from Jack this long.

Hubby has never had both boys overnight...or longer than 6 hours.

All of that is both very awesome and very awkward.

And that makes it a perfect Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

~ Making chocolate cupcakes and forgetting to put the oil in them.

~ Jack deciding to take his clothes off. Outside. With everyone around. At his birthday party.

~ Colin's new high pitched scream.

~ Colin learning how to play Jack's recorder.

~ Three first born 3 years duking it out...over a stuffed baby toy.

~ Taking family pictures, forgetting my husband's pants, so he had to wear his work clothes.

~ All three of my boys sweating in like 3 minutes while taking our outdoor family pictures. Loads of sweat. Perfect.

~ These beauty tips. I mean really, please don't do these things.

~ The amount of ants on my counters. Thanks, August. I love when you come and the ants dominate my house.

~ Little boys' faces when everyone in the room is singing "Happy Birthday" to them.

~ Finding the perfect cilantro-lime rice recipe that taste just like Chipolte's rice.

~ Having long lost friends back in town.

~ Packing for one person, not 4.

~ Getting kisses from Colin and "I love you" from Jack. Without asking for them.

~ Seeing one of my dear friends for the first time in 3 years this weekend.

~ Jack needing to tell me everything that is happening on one of his little shows. " Mom! Oh no! There is a fire and Fireman Sam is on his way!" He has to rush in and tell me and than rush out of the room to go back to his beloved Fireman Sam.

~ For those who constantly run late...if only I had one to my car.

~ Snuggle time in Jack's bed with all his stuffed animals. " Mom, it is so squishy in here. Come in here and cuddle, it is so squishy!"


The aftermath of Colin's first birthday cake.


Feeding this goof ball. He loves to move his food around and play in it.
Good thing his little smile is so stinkin cute!

And sponsored by this lady.

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Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Have a good trip and enjoy yourself! Mommies need Me time also!

That's hilarious about going commando at the party - my BF's 4yo nephew did that once. They had a bunch of people over and he decided to put on a pink tutu and nothing else, then proceed to lay down in the living room on his back and stretch his legs over his head - now that is what I call being comfortable with yourself!